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Love-a-thon Mini-challenge #4: SWEETHEARTS Candy Messages
           You’ve received a box of Sweethearts candy, and you’re asked to share the candy with a person or couple – fictional or real. Tell us who you’d give these messages to:

        LOVE WINS: A couple you didn’t think would get together, but against all odds, they did


(Spoiler alert if you haven't read this duology) I am picking a couple from a duology I just finished -  Passenger and Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken.  Etta and Nicholas are together even though they are from different centuries and  were separated by time and place, but in the end their love won out and they found each other despite all of the obstacles.

        I DO: A character you’d marry


Prince/King Maxon from The Selection series by Kiera Cass

        DREAM BIG: A character whose dreams you want to come true

         Spoiler Alert if you haven't read this book.
         I would love for August's dreams to come true.  I love him so much.  He has a heart of gold even though he is a "monster"  I would love for his dream of being human would come true.

        CRAZY 4 U: A character you’re crazy about

I am picking 2 characters from this series that I am crazy about:  Iko and Winter.  Iko has such a fun personality and I love all of her interactions.  I love how sweet and quirky Winter is.

        TRUE LOVE: Your ultimate OTP
I have thought alot about this and gone back and forth but it has to me America and Maxon from This Selection series.  (Hmmm think maybe I liked this series?)

        TE AMO: A language you’d want to be wooed in

French because I think it is such a pretty language, but unfortunately I would not understand a word of it.  I took french back in High School and College and now I don't remember a word of it.

        BFF: A character you want to be your best friend

I choose Celaena Sardothien (I have only read the 1st three books in this series) because she seems to be fiercely loyal to her friends and she is bad ass with both a sword and magic! 

        WINK WINK: A character you’d want to wink at you

I have to go with my old standby of Prince Maxon I just love him lol

        SWEET TALK: A character who knows how to sweet talk/flirt

Dorian from The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas

        BEST DAY: A moment from a book you wish happened to you or your IRL best day

I have not read many contemporaries so I do not have alot to pull from but I really liked the scene in What Light by Jay Asher where Caleb puts Christmas lights on the top of Sierra's little Christmas tree farm that she has planted a new tree each new year that she has been there.

        OOH LA LA: A character you want to slow dance with

You all know my answer to this one lol....  Prince Maxon

        LOVE YOU: The character that gets your undying love

I don't really understand what this one is.....because I am interpreting it literally and no book characters know that I love them lol.  So I will just choose Prince Maxon cause I do love him  lol.
This was a fun post some of the questions I really had to think for.

I have forgotten to do this on my other posts but here are the links to the hosts for this event:Hosted by: Alexa of Alexa Loves Books, Cee of The Novel Hermit, Kristin of Super Space Chick & Mel of The Daily Prophecy

Love-a-Thon Mini-challenge #1:  Mad Libs: Fairytale Edition

This challenge was a lot of fun!  I have loved doing Mad libs since I  was little.  Here is what I came up with.

Once upon a time, in a far away Disney Resort, there lived a smart hero. It lived alone in a Target, where it had grown up with the deceased owner. It had beautiful hearts, and it was known for its shiny red book, the only thing it had left of its parents.

Alas, the prince of the country became jealous and wanted to own this book. So, it became a wanted person and had to flee into the forest to find a place to hide. After jumping around for hours, hungry and tired, it stumbled upon a/an China. An old lady appeared, offering it shelter from the bitter cold.  She looked at it with happiness and said: "I will protect you, but I need your help first. Years ago I lost something precious and I want it back. You need to climb into the sky and get my piano back. Here is a magical chocolate cake, throw it into the earth, sprinkle with water and it will sprout a beanstalk. You have 7 days to return before the stalk withers." 

It followed the instructions given to her, and lo and behold, a beanstalk grew and grew and grew all the way up to the clouds. After an exhausting climb, it saw a huge palace. It walked to the door and knocked. A husky voice said: 'Fee-fi-fo-fum, who dares to come and enter my house?" It was not afraid and said: "My name is Jamie and I've come to collect an item." 

The door made a/an purring sound when it opened and revealed a large sitting room filled with golden flowers.  It stepped inside and walked towards the spiraling staircase, where a figure moved, cloaked in darkness.

"Who are you? Step in to the light, so I can see your face."
The beast growled angry. "Why did you come here? I just want to be left alone." Still, it moved and stood in front of it. There were three horns on his head, and hair all over his face and his mouth was filled with large teeth. He wore beautiful

"What happened to you?" It reached out to touch one of the horns, but the beast flinched. "Many years ago I was cursed by a witch. I have one year left wishing so I can break the spell, but I'm not brave enough."

"If you give me the piano I will help you."

In keeping its promise, the beast and it worked for a few hours and that afternoon, the beast transformed into an ordinary older guy. "I can't wait to return to my job as an audiologist in the normal world. Can I come with you?" Together they climbed down the beanstalk, carrying the instrument for the old lady. The moment she saw the guy and her beloved instrument, she started to weep.

"My husband, you have returned!" They hugged and looked at it.

"We have to tell you something," the old lady said. "You are our child. We were separated after the curse, but now we are reunited!" From that day, the three of them lived together in the forest, happily ever after.

Can't wait to read everyone else entries, see you in the comments.


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An Introduction to You and Your Blog

  1. What’s your name? Where in the world are you blogging from?

My Name is Brooke and I live in Florida in the US.

  1. Tell us your history with reading. Were you always a reader? Were you a reluctant reader? Was there a book that convinced you to become a reader?

I have been a reader on and off throughout my life and my reading preferences have changed.  I can remember loving to read when I was in middle school and in high school.  In high school I was really into romance novels.  During college I was not much into reading because I had so much reading to do for college.  After college I once again got into reading romance novels and really enjoyed that for a while.  Then I went through a stage again where I didn’t read much.  When I got back into reading novels I really loved reading John Grisham novels and read all of his books for quite a while.  Then I stopped reading again.  After I adopted my daughter from China I got into reading again and was interested in books about China or Chinese history and books about adoption and books about international adoption.  All trying to learn to be the best parent I could be to an internationally adopted daughter.   Then I stopped reading again for a little while.  I started reading again about 5 years ago and have been a pretty avid reader since then.  I prefer to read young adult books.  I prefer to read either dystopian or fantasy novels.  I have also found that I really like reading graphic novels.  I listen to audiobooks and read the actual books.

  1. How did you get involved in the online book community?

About 2 years ago I found the booktube community on YouTube.  I have very much enjoyed watching those videos and have gotten lots of good reading recommendations from it.  I don’t like seeing pictures or videos of myself so I don’t want to make a YouTube channels so that is why I am doing a blog instead.

  1. How did you choose your primary platform (blog, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)? How did you come up with your blog name?

I answered part of this question above.   My blog name is not creative at all; it is just my name and what the blog is about.

  1. What’s your favorite thing about the online book community?

I love the sharing of the books that we love or didn’t love and getting good book recommendations.

  1. What sort of posts can readers expect from you?

I only started this blog about a month ago so I am not exactly sure what I want to do.  I will defiantly do monthly wrap-ups and yearly favorites.  I love book tags so I would like to do some of them.  I also want to join the Top Five Wednesday #T5W goodreads group.

  1. What book genres do you talk about most?

YA fantasy and dystopian


  1. Favorite food?   Chocolate; Beverage?  Peppermint Mocha
  2. Favorite color?   pink
  3. Favorite things to do apart from reading?  What booktube, Instagram and watch TV
  4. Favorite TV shows?  At the moment:  America’s Next Top Model, Face off and The Magicians.  I also love watching all the shows on the Investigation Discovery channel.
  5. Favorite movies?  Titanic, Ever After: A Cinderella Story and 50 First Dates
  6. Favorite musical artists?  Don’t really have one but I like to listen to country music
  7. Favorite places to shop?  Books-a-million and Barnes and Noble

Book Talk

  1. Favorite childhood books?  The Little House on the Prairie series
  2. Favorite books read in the last five years?  Omg hard to pick,  the Harry Potter series, The Selection Series, the Twilight series, The Lunar Chronicles,
  3. Favorite genres?  Fantasy and dystopian
  4. Underrated book, series or author you love?  I can’t really say I have any, most of what I like everyone else likes too.
  5. A book you want to see made into a film or TV show?

The Selection Series

  1. Book boyfriend/girlfriend? Book BFF? Book family?  My book boyfriend has to be Maxon Schreave.  I would love to be a part of the Weasley family from the Harry Potter series.  I think that would be such a fun family to be a part of.
  2. Books you want to read in 2017?   Empire of Storms and then the last book in the series, A Court of Thorns and Roses (all by Sarah J Maas), Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, and Truth Witch by Susan Dennard.  Those are just a few of course there are many more

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Top 5 Wednesday
February 15, 2017
Favorite Non-Written Novels

  1. Gemina by Jay Kristoff and Amy Kauffman  -  I listened to this in audiobook form and read the book.  It was an amazing audiobook.  It has a full cast of characters telling the story.  Each character had a different person narrating them.  I also think this book may count also since it is in a different format than most books.  It is told through instant messages, diary entries, memos etc.  I also loved the first book, Illuminae, but I did not listen to it so I really cant coutn that one as my favorite audiobook.  I really enjoyed following along with them book as I listened to the audiobook.  I think both really add to the story.  I think not reading the book you would miss out on a lot but the added narration with different voices was aslo amazing.  so the last book I will also listen to and read that book at the same time.
  2. Saga by Brian K. Vaughan -  This is my favorite graphic novel. Both the story and the are work were amazing.
  3. Castle Waiting by Linda Medley -   I LOVED this graphic novel!  Unfortunately I do not see it much on booktube.  It is the story of a group of kinda misfits who end up living in this castle.  It tells all of their life stories.  I laughed out loud several times reading these books.  They are interesting and funny.  I really wish that more people would read them.
  4. Anya's Ghost by Vera Broscol - I also loved this graphic novel.  A lonely girl befriends a ghost and lots of shinanigans happy.  Not a good synopsis of the book but it is really good.
  5. Friends with Boys by Faith Erin Hicks -   I also love this graphic novel.  A girl who has been homeschooled her whole life is starting her freshman year in a public high school.  Her mother has left and she is in need of help and guidance that her 3 older brothers don't really do a good job of.  She also starts seeing a ghost again that she used to see when she was younger.  She meets some new friends in high school and they try to help her with helping the ghost.  After reading this book I realized  that I really like graphic novels with ghosts in them lol.
I hope you enjoyed this blogs post.  The #T5W was created by Lainey on Ginger Reads Lainey booktube channel and is now hosted by Samantha from Thought on Tomes booktube channel.  You can find the goodreads T5W group here

I will be joining the Love-a-thon book challenge this weekend.

Thanks for reading my blog,

See you soon,

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Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

Hello everyone,

This was a popular book tag that was done on booktube about 2 years ago.  Since I don't want to make a youtube channel I am going to do some of the book tags here on blog.  I hope that you enjoy.  This tag was originated by The Book Archer and here is her youtube channel

I really don't dislike many books so I will probably answer some of these with my least favorite books.  There are spoilers below so if you see a book you have not read and want to please move onto the next question.

1. A Popular Book or series that you didn't like.

I started reading A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab last year and I just couldn't get into it.  I can't really say I didn't like it because I did not finish it, but honestly I will probably never finish a book I don't like,  There are too many other good books I could be reading.  I may pick this back up again someday.  I also read This Savage Song by the same author last year which was one of my favorite books of the year so it may be worth giving another change,  We will see.

2. A Popular Book or series that every one else seems to hate but you love.

I really liked the Matched Trilogy by Allie Condie.  It was the first dystopian book that I read and it made me fall in love with that genre and it is now one of my favorite genres.  A lot of people seemed to either dislike Matched or they liked Matched and then hated the other 2 books but I loved all three of them.  I can also add here the  2nd and 3rd books in the Divergent Trilogy.  Most people didn't like the 2nd and especially the 3rd book but I really liked them.  What Tris did at the end just gave me all the feels.

3. A Love Triangle where the main character ended up with the person you did NOT want them to end up with (warn ppl for spoilers) OR an OTP that you don't like. 

Ok spoilers here.  In Matched I wanted Cassia to end up with Xander not Ky.  I have not read all of the Throne of Glass series, the last book I read was Queen of Shadows so things may have changed but I don't like Aelin with Rowan, I wanted them to just stay friends.

4. A popular book Genre that you hardly reach for.

Well this used to be contemporary (might not actually be a genre but I will just go with it anyway) but recently I have been reading more contemporary books and I have really been enjoying them.  I guess I would have to say suspend/thriller type books.
5. A popular or beloved character that you do not like.'

I might get some hate for this but I didn't like Alice from Furthermore.  She just really irritated me.  This is the first middle grade I have read in a while and maybe this is how a typical middle grade child acts but she just really irritated me.

6. A popular author that you can't seem to get into.

I have not read any of the Shadow Hunter books.  Its not that I don't like Cassandra Claire, I don't know since I have never read any of her books.  I am so late getting into the game and there are so many books to read that I am just not ready to make that kind of commitment, too many other books I want to read.

7. A popular book trope that you're tired of seeing. (examples "lost princess", corrupt ruler, love triangles, etc.)

I don't have any books tropes I don't like or that I am tired of them.  I like them all.  Boring answer I know but it is the truth.

8. A popular series that you have no interest in reading.

This is easy.  50 Shades of Grey..... I don't need to read about bdsm.

9. The saying goes "The book is always better than the movie", but what movie or T.V. show adaptation do you prefer more than the book?

I preferred the Pretty Little Liars TV show to the books.  Maybe I am just too old or too out of touch but when I was reading the 1st books and the girls were only in middle school I did not believe that is how middle school girls behave..... plus I liked the way the actors looked better then the ones described in the books.

This is it.  I hope that you enjoyed.  If you wrote about this in a blog or did a youtube video about it I would love to see them so leave the links in the comments.  Or you can just agree or disagree with me in the comments.

See you again soon!


I have not been posting here much, life has just been difficult for me this last year.  I am hoping that someone who reads this will answer ...